Strand Lifestyle Services 

Strand Lifestyle Services forms part of Strand Golf Club's offering. Strand Lifestyle Services understands the pressure that comes with having fast, efficient service with quick tasteful food on your plate to keep you going till you come back for more at the “19th hole”.

Golfers don’t have much time before they must get back on the course, at halfway and the goal is to try and score more points. Strand Lifestyle Services strive to bring golfers everything they can enjoy in a short space of time. SLS has pioneered (the first of its kind in the golfing space) a mobile online ordering Progressive Web App (PWA) which allows you to place your order before reaching halfway so that you minimize time wasted waiting for your meal to be prepared.

The golfing lifestyle may be different, but our values and passion for good food remain intact and as prominent as ever.


Address: Strand Golf Club, Beach Road, Strand, Cape Town, 7140

Phone: 064 861 5585



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