About Us


Gundo Group is a diversified Group of Companies providing industrial business solutions. Anchored at the foot of the African continent, Gundo Group prides itself with upholding the highest standards for quality customer service and delivery. We continuously strive to improve our structures and systems, adopting the latest in technologies and know-how. 


A diversified industrial business services Group of Companies anchored at the foot of the African continent, which is obsessed with meeting its customers’ needs through professional culture and efficient way of doing things.

Our Vision
Our Mission

We commit to providing a service that sits above the expectations of our stakeholders by creating high-growth and innovative businesses which constantly recognises opportunities for growth, and thereby remaining relevant and sustainable.

Strategic Objectives
  • Implement quality solutions.

  • Perform to high standards and maintain them at all times.

  • Continuously develop and improve our structures, technology, personnel and client service.

  • Achieve our goals resulting in growth and adding value to our customers.

The first company to be formed in our Group was Gundo Engineering and Projects in 2005 with an initial focus on waste management and recycling. The company diversified it's offering to include commodities trading, engineering and project management and, most recently, energy management  - specialising in energy efficiency management and technologies supplies and installations. 

Our History