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Napier Berries

Napier Berries  is a farm that was started in 2014 when Berryworld (a leading international fruit export company) introduced Napier farm owner Jannie Gutter to blueberries. Napier farm is ideally located to produce the finest quality of berries which are highly sought-after worldwide. This has resulted in a lucrative blueberry export business to regions of the Northern Hemisphere such as the UK and US. 

Address: Napier (Pty)Ltd
Vierfontein Farm
Napier, Western Cape

Cell: 0828991473


Tshivhase Royal Farms 

The Tshivhase Royal farms employ the concept of farm-to-table by directly supplying local communities with fresh produce directly from the farms. So far there has been an extensive output on egg production. This movement advocates for locally sourced food that is seasonal, fresh, and organically produced. Through this model, The Tshivhase Royal Farms aim to promote sustainable food, preserve the environment, and create self-reliance and food security in the Vhembe District.

Address: P.O Box 2841, Sibasa, 0970

Cell: 0761363728/0764878600

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