Deidre Wheeler

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Deidre Wheeler (Group HR Manager)

Deidre Wheeler is a specialist Human Capital Practitioner who brings approximately twenty years’ experience in the Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations and Payroll Management field across various industries such as Engineering, Road Freight, and Logistics industry, Metal Recycling, and Hotel and Catering.

She is passionate and through her “full-service/one-stop source” philosophy provides a collaborative environment for all stakeholders. Her expertise consists of a wide range of areas including consulting, advisory services, day-to-day counseling to managers, employee relations, trauma counseling, employee practices, employment legislation compliance, assessments, training and development, mediation and conflict resolution, recruitment, employment equity, workplace skills plans, union meetings, shop steward elections, organizational rights, wage negotiations, strikes/lockouts, sexual harassment cases, drugs and alcohol prevention programmes, performance counseling, restructuring of organizations and rationalisations, business management and salary restructuring.

Deidre holds a B-Com in Human Resources and Industrial Psychology, Diploma in Human Resources Management, Diploma in Payroll Management (MPA (SA) DIP, and a Specialist Trauma Incident Reduction Certificate.